You want a laugh? Cat and tomato.

You want a laugh?
Who doesn’t love her? Funny Internet videos. The performers are animals who, unknowingly, make themselves into Internet heroes in front of the human camera in a strange way.

The success story of such short films does not seem to have been slowed down since the beginning of the YouTube age, especially by funny social media memes like on Instagram. Very often the focus is on cats. The funny four-legged friends are predestined to provide video material to make a whole world population laugh. The reasons for this are manifold. For one thing, cats are very popular pets worldwide. In Germany even the number 1 before dogs. They are soft and fluffy, which is why the number of cats kept in Germany has more than doubled in the last ten years. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to care for in contrast to dogs, which makes keeping them very easy due to the independence of our tigers. For many people, however, the most beautiful thing about cats is that they often bring a smile to our faces. No matter whether it is the falling asleep in a particularly sweet or even impossible position, the lovely fighting with conspecifics or his master or also the sad whining of the kitten, which still would like a treat. Due to the advanced technology it became possible for people to capture the funny peculiarities of their four-legged friends by cameras and later by smartphones and share them with others. Especially on every family celebration it was and still is an absolute highlight to show up with the funny videos of the pet.
Over the years some classics have emerged. For example, jumping from the terrace onto a house roof that went wrong or playing on the edge of the bathtub that involuntarily becomes a bathing day. Also popular is the pestering of other four-legged friends like dogs, which our little kitties often can’t resist. Also the love for toys is never missed out on the internet. Whether it is the rubber ball that is fought the hardest or the whole newspaper that has to defend itself against a cat attack.
No matter what it is one will not get tired to look at videos of our tigers. Also in this video that is praised is again the whole range offered. There remains only to say who misses this is himself to blame. Have fun!